What We Do

Make an impact for the better​

Our clients have exposed problems and provided opportunity for change throughout our state,
making healthcare better for all of us. ​ ​

  • - Change the fittings on oxygen tanks in hospitals​
  • - Staff levels of nursing care​
  • - Triple checks for medication administration​
  • - Labs and EKG for chest pain​
  • - Eliminate dangerous doctors​
  • - Triage protocols​
  • - Eliminate dangerous nurses​
  • - Fetal monitoring​
  • - Heart and Fetal Monitoring Strips available to be read at the nurses' station​
  • - House officers​
  • - EKG in the ICU post-surgery​
  • - Vitals every 4 hours​
  • - Doctor in the ICU 24/7​
  • - Monitored Units
  • - Capnography to tell if an intubation tube is correctly placed​
  • - Sponge Counts
  • - Alarms on monitors​
  • - Elimination of ghost surgery​
  • - Neonatal resuscitation protocol to properly resuscitate newborns​
  • - Limit multiple room coverage by anesthesia​
  • - Time to retire for doctors​
  • - Complication Rates are now reported​
  • - Protocols are becoming standard​
  • - Reduce Wrong Site Surgery​
  • - Serious safety events have been identified​
  • - Reduce Retained Instruments ​
  • - Checklists​
  • - Reduce Misplaced NG/OG​
  • - Reduce Medication Errors​

We answer what happened and why.​​

When medical negligence occurs, the first thing patients and their families want is answers. Unfortunately, the first thing hospitals and doctors want is protection. The result is people suffer a tragic outcome and don’t know why. Not knowing can fester and last for years or a lifetime. ​ ​

On the cases we take on, the number one job for our medical malpractice lawyer is to find out what happened and why. Most times, there is no negligence; the person or family understands what happened; and they can move foreward without any cost to them. ​

Sometimes, we find there were errors made that would have prevented the outcome. In those cases, our clients get a firm understanding of what happened; why it happened; and we proceed to hold the responsible accountable. ​ ​

Hold The Responsible Accountable​​

Our clients have been in 55 of the 88 counties in the State of Ohio and states stretching from California to New Jersey. There are few health care systems with which we have not had experience. Likewise, we have worked opposite every major medical negligence insurance carrier. ​

Regardless of the defense, our philosophy on every case is to prepare the case from the beginning for trial. By preparing the case for trial, we shift risk to the defense and most times obtain a resolution of the matter prior to trial. ​ ​

Sometimes, the defense chooses trial and being prepared has historically given our clients a well above average success rate in those cases. ​ ​

We always preserve the confidentiality of our clients. This prevents us from sharing specific results. ​ ​

If you would like to know more about where we stand on accountability, click here to be taken to our youtube channel to view a video which encompases the topic.

Challenge things that
don’t make sense 

– Why wouldn’t the resident call the doctor when they found blood?​

– Why wouldn’t they do an EKG to check the heart on admission to the ICU?​

– Why did they hook my dad to CO2 instead of oxygen?

– Why did the doctor lose the records after my cancer was discovered?​

– Why would they tell me there was no lump when I could feel it?   ​

– Why wouldn’t anyone respond when my baby stopped breathing? ​

– Why would they give my dad the wrong medication?

– Why didn’t they have a doctor in the ICU overnight?

– Why wouldn’t the hospital tell me the surgeon had such a high complication rate?

– How did my dad bleed to death in an ICU? ​

– Why would they have only one doctor for 180 patients overnight?

– Why wouldn’t they call an infectious disease doctor when I was infected? ​

– Why would they tell me it’s all in my head when they left a towel in stomach?   ​

– How was I able to walk into the hospital to have my baby and end up paralyzed?   ​  ​

– How did we end up with a brain damaged baby when everything looked fine for all 40 weeks before birth?  ​

An outlet for the grieving process

– Living my life without knowing would have been like eating dinner with a
fly in the room. It would bug me for the rest of my life.  ​

– I needed to hold the hospital accountable so I could get on with my life.​ ​ ​

– Reading the depositions, seeing the records, hearing the experts, holding
them accountable, I was able to work through my pain and put it down.​ ​ ​

– Once I heard the expert admit my husband was the victim of medical
negligence, I could let go of my guilt and move on.  ​ ​ ​

– My anger would not leave until we held them accountable.​  ​ ​ ​

– My mom’s depression is improving because she knows why dad died.

– I was stuck in depression until I went forward with my case.

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