Make An Impact

May 14, 2021

What does it mean to make an impact for a medical malpractice client?

If you visit our website at or watch the case animations we have created, you will notice that none of the monetary results are listed. That’s not because there were no monetary results. The bravery of the families of people injured or killed by medical negligence I have had the privilege of representing has resulted in more than a half-billion dollars in awards and settlements.

I don’t list the individual dollar amounts for each case because these families have often made the ultimate sacrifice to make health care safer for you and your family. They deserve to have the privacy of the individual monetary result of their case kept confidential. It’s not about me, it’s about them and the impact their case can bring.

Our team works tirelessly to maximize the financial result for each of our clients for two reasons. First, they deserve it. In medical negligence or wrongful death case, no amount of money can replace what these families have lost. Second, it is only through the significant monetary impact that the healthcare industry implements changes to make things better for us all. That’s a sad but honest truth.

While the families of the people injured or killed use the money to make their lives better, they would give every penny back to eliminate the malpractice that cost them so dearly. To a person, these clients are prouder of the impact their courage makes on how health care is practiced, so what happened to them does not have to happen to anyone else in the future.
I am honored these clients have let me be a part of these small incremental changes, and I will continue to highlight these changes and try and help make things better for all of us, one case at a time.

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