I Stand For Equality

October 12, 2020

What do I stand for? I stand for equality every day, especially equality in healthcare.

Imagine if your mother, father, husband, wife, son, or daughter was sent home with a clean bill of health, then died within 12 hours.

The hospital that cared for your loved one is the largest employer in your county. It has a stellar reputation and access to the best lawyers money can buy.

How do you stand up to them? How do you find out the truth about how and why your loved one died? You know you lost a loved one, and you believe in your gut it should not have happened. But how do you fight such a huge institution with deep resources? It’s overwhelming but not impossible.

You fight by finding a lawyer who is committed to fighting for equality. To fight for your right to obtain the records. To have those records reviewed by independent doctors from outside the area that owes nothing to the hospital. To stand up to the rich and powerful doctors whose errors cost you your loved one. To push to have your case heard by men and women like you who will understand this should never have happened.

Our law is founded on the fundamental principle that you stand on equal footing to the richest and most powerful people and corporations. But to ensure that equality occurs, your lawyer needs this concept of equality to be a fundamental guiding principle of his or her own life.

I have stood up to the bully in elementary school and the rich and powerful in my professional life. I have never been able to stay silent and tolerate the powerful’ s imposition of their will on others. I have never been able to tolerate inequity.

Everyone should be able to earn their way in this country. I fight for an equal place at the table. That is all my clients need: an equal place at the table. I fight to make sure that no one’s thumb is on the scale.

One of my clients, a woman who worked on a horse farm and had lost her husband, was sitting at a conference table with the judge, the opposing lawyer, and the wealthiest doctor in the county. As the doctor’s lawyer offered some paltry amount in settlement, he told the woman she should take it because she would have nothing if she lost.

My client looked right at the lawyer and told him she lost everything when she lost her husband and knew what it was like to be poor, so she was not worried about losing. As for the doctor, she told the lawyer she was sure the doctor had never known what it is like to be poor, so he is the one who should be afraid of losing. The jury awarded more than ten times what was being offered, and the doctor was run out of town.

Right almost always wins when seated in equal stature with power. This is what I believe. I stand for equality.

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