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“I Dissent”

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October 12, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and the subsequent circus of hypocrisy that has followed has me angry and sad and has been a frontal assault to the pillar of optimism that holds up my belief system. Justice Ginsburg’s death is a prime example of how we can spiral over things we cannot control if we do […]

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When Our Problems Are Too Big

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What do I want to say about the pandemic that we are all now living through? I have a core belief that our why shapes everything in our lives. It seems to me this pandemic is stepping on everyone’s why and at least for me, it is making me anxious. My why is to make […]

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What Do You Stand For?

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September 8, 2020

I often ask myself: What do I stand for? It’s a simple question that means a lot to me. Most companies identify a mission, but what about us as individuals? What do we stand for? Identifying what we stand for is a better focus than identifying what we stand against. I don’t know what I’m […]

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Make Good Trouble

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Our country lost what feels like the last giant of the 1960s Civil Rights era when John Lewis died. My why is to make things better, and our Union’s current state has made me question my why. Reflecting on John Lewis’s life has reminded me that we can make things better if we stay committed […]

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Sharing Your Why

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I sat down on a plane next to a young woman and her boyfriend. I struck up a conversation, and I learned the woman was a recording artist who goes by the artist name Whipped Cream. She was on her way to play a show. Her music is called “dubstep,” which is hard-hitting and has […]

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Putting Fear At Our Backs

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At the beginning of my career, I met a lawyer who I came to idolize. This man sounded like a doctor when he talked. I learned from this man that knowing the medicine involved in a medical case is of the utmost importance, and I will be forever grateful. I also learned a painful lesson. […]

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