Finding Your Why

      We all have a why.  Why do we get out of bed in the morning?  Why do we struggle?  Why do we love?  Why do we choose the job we have?  Why do we surround ourselves wit...
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      In my career, I have met many people who have lost a loved due to careless medical errors. For purposes of this story, let’s call these people Beth.   Beth ...
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Saving What We Love

      I took my son to the barber shop near our home in Northeast Ohio when he was 4 or 5. It was always fun to see him perched up on the stool, sitting at attention. I thin...
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Catharsis: Finding Relief

      I want to talk in this video about the bravery I have seen in people who stand up to enormous health systems when things happen to them or their family. The statistics...
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Fighting Your Own Battles

      For our new office, I ordered 13 lateral filing cabinets.  While away from the office I get a call from the shipper that the cabinets have arrived and I need to be the...
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When Your “Why” Is In Conflict

      I’ll never forget the first time I saw my first office as a practicing lawyer.  A black glass building 15 stories high with floor to ceiling windows.  High school, 4 y...
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We Are Eachothers Anti-Depressant

      I cannot help but notice that anxiety and depression have reached epidemic proportions.  I just saw today that the granddaughter of Robert F Kennedy died from a mental...
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We Choose Our Memories

      I believe our lives are a series of shared experiences. In the end, we have the memories we make with other people, both good and bad. Which memories of our experience...
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Putting Fear At Our Backs

      At the beginning of my career, I met a lawyer who I came to idolize.  This man sounded like a doctor when he talked.  I learned from this man that knowing the medicine...
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Sharing Your Why

      I sat down on a plane next to a young woman and her boyfriend.  I struck up a conversation and I learned the woman was a recording artist who goes by the artist name W...
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